Creative & Design Strategist

Goldfinger Factory

Jul 2014 – Aug 2017

As the Head of the Brand, I was in charge of the overall design and brand direction and creation of digital and print communication assets. I collaborate with the company’s CEO, COO and marketing consultants to clarify and establish a clear service structure that serves their employees, partners and customers.

Key Achievements


  • Created an e-commerce platform with a 250% conversion rate increase.
  • Clarified the value stream and service blueprint, participating in +585% revenue growth in 3 years.
  • Created communication assets that led to the company gaining 8 additional sponsors in the design industry.

Key Responsibilities


  • Align on global company strategy by closely collaborating with the CEO and COO.
  • Improving brand quality perception and strengthening brand identity across all communication assets.
  • Determining the brand strategy and service blueprint based on customer interviews, market analysis, and marketing/sales metrics.
  • Build an E-commerce platform for the company by collaborating with a developer and content writer to rebuild the architecture and content.
  • Designing targeted digital and print content using gorilla testing and co-creation.
  • Training staff on digital platforms, and following brand guidelines I produced.

Goldfinger Factory is a London-based social enterprise that offers custom-made furniture from repurposed materials while providing job training to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Design Organisation

1 Head of Brand

(+2 designers and trainees)


Direct Reports



Brand Management / Customer Experience / UX-UI Design / Design Strategy / Ecommerce / Photography / Service Strategy



Adobe CC Suite, Google Suite, Squarespace, WordPress