Core Competencies

Catalyst | Leadership
I lead teams and products towards transversal design excellence.


Coordinator | Management
I organise cross-functional initiatives and manage process alignment.


Puzzle-solver | Strategy
I employ systemic and strategic thinking to navigate complexity and uncertainty.


Storyteller | Communication
I create inspiring visions to gain support and direct change.


♦︎ Skills

Product Strategy

Design Ops

Team Management

Product Design

UX Design

Design Systems







Public Speaking


★ Talents











CliftonStrengths® Top 5

☻ Work Values

I like to learn about the context and understand how its elements interact before suggesting a solution.


I believe in clear processes and transparency at every step of a project.


I like to be stimulated by tackling new challenges with an ambitious team.

A commitment to growth and continuous learning.

A summary of how I have grown my skills over time.
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♦︎ Leadership

Getting into the politics of design in a big corporation allowed me to apply my strategic, organisational and negotiation skills. I believe that the design of viable experiences and business models resides in their flexibility and capacity to adapt to change.


🏅 Management Essentials • Harvard Business School Online


A Process Perspective on Management | Shaping the Decision-Making Process | Implementing for the Present | Organizational Learning for the Future | Managing and Leading Change


📍UX Management Strategies and Tactics • Interaction Design Foundation

📍Agile Methods for UX Design • Interaction Design Foundation


Additional actions: Mentorship from senior leaders, Reading specialised books, and Attending online events.

♦︎ Business & Marketing

Being able to build my design solutions to answer real business challenges, I gravitated towards marketing strategies and business management techniques. This also helped me in running my consultancy and to launch my own product and brand.


📍 Business of Design • The Futur

♦︎ Branding

I worked as a consultant, helping businesses define their brand universe and express it through designing products, identities, digital interfaces, and print content.


📍 Business of Design • The Futur

♦︎ UX Design

Wanting to understand how to create a website from scratch, I trained in HTML and CSS code and learned best practices for user interfaces. I cultivated UX research methodologies because I wanted to both answer user and business needs.
Working on applications, I love that each design choice is based on data and research.


📍Information Visualization • Interaction Design Foundation

📍Accessibility – How to design for All • Interaction Design Foundation

📍UI Patterns for Successful Software • Interaction Design Foundation

📍The Practical Guide to Usability • Interaction Design Foundation

📍User Research–Methods & Practices • Interaction Design Foundation

📍Build your website with HTML5 and CSS3 • Open Classroom

♦︎ Product Design

I have a degree in product design. I’m passionate about improving people’s lives with smart solutions.


🏅 Master's Degree in Product & Industrial Design • Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin


with Highest Honours


🏅 Bachelor's Degree in Product & Industrial Design • Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin


with Honours