Hi! I'm Catherine,

Transformative Design Leader.



Interaction Catalyst 

Team Coordinator

Organisation Puzzle-Solver

Brand Storyteller


I have over a decade of expertise in shaping companies' success through impactful products, compelling brands, and memorable user experiences.

Defined and implemented experience visions for 30+ brands and 100+ products internationally.


Managed cross-disciplinary teams of 3-5, leading role in a community of 80+ UX practitioners.


➤  Lead design decisions that result in revenue growth and increased brand perception.

Currently employed as UI Design Director at Schneider Electric.

My holistic approach to design, strategic thinking, business acumen, and change leadership make me a valuable asset to any organisation seeking transformative design direction.

▸ I’ve practised design in all its forms: Industrial, Creative, Service, Branding, and Product.


▸ I employ my systemic thinking to solve complex, high-stakes problems and lead key initiatives at various scales.


▸ I leverage my commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth to foster transversal collaboration and inspire teams to align and deliver their best work.

Let's write the next chapter together!


If you want to get in touch, drop me a line at  contact[at]catherinestolarski.com