Co-founder | Director

Hatchwatches Ltd.

Jan 2018 – Feb 2021

Co-founded and built a watch brand from the ground up with one partner. As a director, I was responsible for all business, sales and marketing activities. I created the product and the look and feel of the brand.

Key Achievements

  • Designed and launched 50k worth of production with a team of engineers and manufacturers.
  • Delivered an omnichannel customer experience (branding, product, e-commerce, packaging, social media, events) resulting in 99% customer satisfaction.
  • Deployed a digital marketing strategy with campaigns generating a 7% conversion rate.
  • Defined the business vision and goals with a business model, predictions and market strategy leading to 25% of the initial stock sold within 8 months.

Key Responsibilities


  • Overseeing the production journey from designing the watch concept, prototyping and delivering final CAD files, to controlling the development and production by engineers and manufacturers.
  • Delivering an end-to-end customer experience including branding, e-commerce platform, packaging, social media, events, and customer satisfaction.
  • Deploying a digital marketing strategy and creating content for campaigns and collaborations.
  • Defining the business vision and goals with a business model, predictions and market strategy, and overseeing the daily business activities through managing sales, logistics and customer service.

Hatch Watches is a creative brand based in East London that offers unique timepieces that change patterns with time with high-quality materials and finishes.

Design Organisation

2 Co-Founders

1 Director


Direct Reports

Contractors for Photography, Development, Manufacturing, Shipping, Accounting.


Business Management / SEO Strategy / CX Design / Marketing / Customer Service / Content Strategy / Branding / Industrial Design / Packaging



Customer Management System, Wix, Adobe CC Suite, Facebook Business Suite, Microsoft Suite